Spring Release: And Many More Things

4 months ago

Hello everyone!

We’re thrilled to share with you more details about the upcoming Spring Release!

In this dev blog, we’ll review some of the main highlights of the various smaller features and enhancements arriving in the Spring Release.

Check out our other dev blogs for a look at some of the other features and improvements coming this with the Spring Release this March:

Stay tuned for more dev blogs about the main features arriving with the Spring Release this March.

And Many More Things…

Since 2023, we’ve been preparing ourselves for this Spring Release to include a whole heap of various improvements. These include several things that we’ve been excited to update since the UI update last year and various smaller things that we’ve had on our wishlist for an extended period. As we moved forward with planning the release and all the things we would manage to fit into it, we also identified several larger things which we wanted to bring to the game. These major features are listed in the separate blogs above and include enhancements to the battle scene, battle ready decks, friends list enhancements, and several cards returning reworked from the reserve pool as well as some card balancing.

Now let’s take a look at some of the many smaller things we will be bringing to KARDS this spring!

Arriving with the Spring Release are:

  • National Progress Level Increase: National progress levels will be raised from max 350 to a whopping 500 levels! 

  • New Tooltips: Various new tooltips coming to the deckbuilder/collection interface, increasing clarity of all the buttons and their functionality.

  • ESC Home Screen Shortcut: On PC, use the Escape key to return to the game’s main screen from any interface.

  • Double-tap Add Card: On mobile, double tap a card to add it to your deck in the deck builder.

  • Max Deck Amount Indicator: See more clearly when you’ve reached the maximum number of decks.

  • KARDS Account Login: The KARDS account login screen is enhanced.

  • New Player Experience Enhancements: We’re introducing various enhancements to the new player experience, including curated new player missions.

  • Bunch of Bug Fixes: A bunch of bug fixes, including various fixes in the battle scene, the UI, deck builder, localization fixes and more.

  • Minor Optimization Tweaks: Small tweaks to improve overall performance.

These and so many more will be arriving with the Spring Release, which we are incredibly excited to bring to you in the latter half of March.

Additionally, in light of some misunderstanding surrounding the Spring Release, we would like to note that no changes are being made to the first win of the day gold reward - this reward is neither being removed nor adjusted in any way. No economic changes are coming to KARDS with this release.

Check out our other dev blogs linked above for more information on some of the other main features arriving with the Spring Release. Make sure to keep an eye out on the KARDS newsfeed for the full patch notes for the Spring Release later this month!