Spring Release: Battle UI Enhancements Coming

13 days ago

Hello everyone!

We’re thrilled to share with you more details about the upcoming Spring Release!

In this dev blog, we’ll review one of the main features arriving with the Spring Release this March: battle enhancements.

Stay tuned for more dev blogs about the main features arriving with the Spring Release this March.

Battle Enhancements

Coming this March, we have several exciting new features and UI enhancements arriving to the battle scene. These include the brand new battle history rework, new end of battle interaction capabilities, and further UI enhancements. Read on for the full breakdown!

Battle History Rework

The Battle History has been overhauled to significantly improve its usability for all players, and this will be arriving with our Spring Release.

Battle history will be hidden by default and can be expanded by clicking the “History” button on the left side of the game board. This allows players to fully focus on the battle without any interruptions when the history is minimized, and also allows more space to be dedicated to displaying the battle history well when it is expanded.

The way that different events are displayed in battle history has been completely reworked. Events are now grouped separately, providing a much clearer look at the effects of each different event. For example, in the previous system, if a player played CARPET BOMBING and one of the affected cards had a destruction effect on it that affected other cards, this would all be displayed together in one big group. This would sometimes lead to a very large group in one event that could be difficult to read, especially quickly in the middle of a battle. In the new system, these are separated - that is, the CARPET BOMBING and all cards affected are in one event, with a new separate event listed for the destruction effect and all cards affected by that. This will significantly improve how quickly and easily a player can grasp everything that just occurred, especially when many effects trigger in a chain reaction. As before, you’ll be able to hover or tap on an event to gain more information about it and its effects.

Additionally, we’re introducing a scrollable battle history, allowing players to scroll back and review the last few turns of the match. This is another important step to make it easier for players to easily see and understand everything that’s happening in a battle before the battle history flies by.

This new battle history is also the same on both PC and mobile devices. This added consistency makes it easier for players to adapt to playing on different devices and ensures that mobile and PC players are having the same experience regardless of which device they’re playing on.

End of Battle Enhancements

Have you ever wanted to send that one final emote to your opponent before returning to the game’s main screen, or review the final board state one last time before going to search for another game?

Rejoice! We’re now adding a lot more functionality for players at game end. Instead of being immediately returned to the main screen, you’ll now have the opportunity to hang back, send a final emote to your opponent, explore the final state of the game board, and scroll through the battle history of the last turns and get all the details of what happened in those final turns of the match. Return to the main screen and queue up for another game at your leisure, once you’ve explored the final battle state to your heart’s content.

Battle UI enhancements

We’re also introducing several enhancements to the battle UI. 

A brand new kredits counter is arriving, clearly emphasized on the bottom-left of the game board. This rotating counter gives more depth and feeling to your kredits as they accumulate and are spent.

We’re also tweaking how player names appear on the board, to help these stand out a bit more.

We’re thrilled to bring you all these enhancements to the battle UI in the Spring Release, coming to your client in the latter half of March. All of these enhancements are things we’ve wanted to bring to the game since introducing the new UI to the game in 2023. The battle UI is something we will continue to iterate on as we go forward, to provide the best possible experience for all our players, with a special focus on our newest players.

Make sure to keep an eye out on the KARDS newsfeed for the full patch notes for the Spring Release later this month!