Spring Release - Patch Notes

2 minutes ago

The Spring Release has arrived!

This first major release of the year brings a bunch of new features and general enhancements, including:

  • Card balancing and reinforcements from reserves

  • Battle UI enhancements

  • Battle ready decks

  • Friends panel enhancements

  • …and many more things!

Check out the full breakdown below of all the thrilling things that have arrived with the Spring Release, as well as a comprehensive list of bug fixes included in this update.

Card Balancing and Reinforcements from Reserves

The Spring Release brings balance updates to 10 cards, as well as 17 cards returning to active duty from reserves in a reworked form.

  • Nerfs: Receiving nerfs in this balance update are the 20. PANZERGRENADIER, THE GLAMOUR BOYS, SCRAP METAL, and the B-24D and B-24J spawned by PRODUCTION ORDER.

  • Buffs: The No. 43 COMMANDO, 15th MOTOR RIFLES, 158th BUSHMASTERS, P1Y1 MODEL 11, 13. GEBIRGSJÄGER, and 1re BFL are all getting buffed in this update.


Check out all the details in the announcement dev blog here: Spring Release: Card Balancing and Reserve Reinforcements Arriving Soon

Battle UI Enhancements

With this update, we’ve introduced several enhancements to the battle UI, including:

  • Battle history rework: the battle history is now hidden by default, and allows more focus when expanded. Event grouping has been reworked to provide a significantly improved overview of what has occurred. You can also scroll back in the battle history to review the last 3 turns of the battle.

  • End of battle enhancements: Return to the battlefield after the game has ended, review the final turns of the match, send a final emote, and review the board state.

  • Battle UI enhancements: A brand new kredit counter enhances the visual experience on the battlefield, as well as some tweaks to how player names appear on the board.

Check out our announcement dev blog for the full breakdown on the battle UI enhancements: Spring Release: Battle UI Enhancements

Battle Ready Decks

Battle ready decks have arrived! These can be split into two main categories: earned and purchasable decks.

  • Earned: these decks are already present in the game, and can be earned after completing each of the starter campaigns, as well as reaching level 12 on each main nation’s national progress lines. Their appearance has been updated with a brand new card container.

  • Purchasable: these are new decks, hand-crafted by the game designers at KARDS. These decks provide significant value not only through the cards they contain, but also their composition. These decks currently come at two primary price points: 200 and 350 diamonds. These decks are made to support players in their journeys to the top ranks. Some may benefit from a bit of tweaking to best fit a player’s playstyle.

Any battle ready deck, both earned and purchasable, can be accessed and built from the Battle Ready Decks menu after it has been acquired. Access this menu from the “Create a New Deck” interface.

Check out our announcement dev blog for the full breakdown on the battle ready decks: Spring Release: Battle Ready Decks On the Way

Friends Panel Enhancements

The friends panel is receiving the first update of several planned for the months ahead in this release.

The Spring Release brings the ability to see the last 3 opponents listed in the friends list, as well as to either send a friend request to one of these opponents, and/or to copy the deck you just faced.

Check out our dev blog on the friends panel improvements for more details: Spring Release: Friends Panel Enhancements Coming

…and Many More Things

Several further additions and improvements have arrived with the Spring Release, including:

  • National Progress Levels have increased from a maximum 350 to 500!

  • Officer Club Leaderboard Changes are now displayed immediately after completing a battle where your position on the leaderboard has changed.

  • Various new tooltips have been added, primarily in the deckbuilder/collection interface, increasing clarity of all the buttons and their functionality.

  • On PC, use the Escape key to return to the game’s main screen from any interface.

  • On mobile, in the deck builder interface, double tap to add a card to your deck.

  • Get a clear indication of when you’ve reached the maximum limit of decks with the max deck amount indicator.

  • The KARDS Account Login Screen has been enhanced.

  • The New Player Experience has been enhanced, including adding curated new player missions.

  • Some new music has been added to the rotation.

  • Some minor optimization tweaks have been added to improve overall performance.

  • Several additional behind-the-scenes tweaks to improve the overall KARDS experience.

See our dev blog for more information on these many more things: Spring Release: And Many More Things

Bug Fixes


  • When attempting to play OBSERVER CORPS on a card with cost 4 or less, the error notification displayed was incorrect. Fixed.

  • Fixed issue with a particular interaction in which a unit with Guard, attacked by a T19 HOWITZER, and impacted by Suppress, would incorrectly regain its Guard ability.

  • If a Countermeasure was activated, and then all cards in hand were discarded for example with TAKE LIBERTY, the Kredits spent on activating the Countermeasure were not returned to the player. Fixed.

  • Units did not correctly lose Mobilize if Suppressed while BLOCH MB.152 was located on the battlefield. Fixed.

  • When a gold card was returned to the deck and redrawn, it was drawn as a non-gold version. Fixed.

  • Fixed incorrect text on SPITFIRE popup when returned to hand if RAF GROUND CREW was located on the battlefield.

  • TYPE 93 passive ability did not correctly contribute to damage dealt by TSURUGA REGIMENT destruction effect. Fixed.

  • Fixed broken interaction between 158th BUSHMASTERS and unit with Repair ability, causing the 158th BUSHMASTERS ability to be incorrectly triggered on a destroyed unit. 

  • Fixed visual issue causing operation cost buff not to be correctly displayed if a player disconnected and reconnected to a match.

  • Fixed visual issue where, in some cases, the kredits you spent in the first turn of a match would appear as if spent on the opponent’s kredit counter.

  • Fixed visual issue where it would appear that more damage than was intended was dealt to a 2nd CALIFORNIA unit attacked by the F6F HELLCAT.

  • When a salvaged version of a unit was destroyed, while hovering over SPECIAL REINFORCEMENTS, a non-salvaged version of the card was displayed in the pop-up. Fixed.

  • Fixed visual issue causing buffed defense on Salvaged units to not show up in the intended green color.

  • Fixed broken interaction between 1st AIRBORNE and B-24D causing the deployment cost of the B-24D not to be correctly updated after the 1st AIRBORNE had less than 3 operation cost.


  • Starter campaign mission text did not scroll correctly when a mission was opened for the first time. Fixed.

  • When a starter campaign was completed, the “Completed” text overlapped the mission description, making it difficult to read. Fixed.

  • In starter campaigns, the “HQ is being guarded” popup misbehaved when targeted by a unit. Fixed.


  • Fixed several issues with incorrect text being displayed in the Russian language, including in the shop and customization screen.

  • Japanese keywords are now correctly bold in card text.

  • Fixed issues with bold keywords in card text in Chinese.

  • Localization fixes and updates in various languages.

User Interface

  • Fixed issue where spamming the keyboard Spacebar button in the Officer Club list would cause the list to become stuck.

  • Fixed issue where, in some locales, when entering the Officer Club for the first time in a season, the exclamation mark in the “Congratulations!” text would show up too early.

  • In the deck builder, on mobile devices, the field to edit the deck name would only open after the second tap (not first). Fixed.

  • The “Activated Medkit” text on the national progression line medkit button went out of its intended bounds in some languages. Fixed.

  • Fixed issue where rewards in the Elite crate were not correctly centered on the screen.

  • When slightly over an hour was left on the Missions timer, it would switch too quickly to showing only minutes/seconds. Fixed.

  • On PC, after opening a shop item, if the Spacebar key was pressed multiple times the screen could become stuck. Fixed.

  • In the Collection or Deck Builder interface, when a card was selected, corners on the card were not correctly rounded. Fixed.

  • On mobile devices, when hovering over a card in the Draft selection, an unintended popup would appear. Fixed.

  • If all copies of a card were recycled, the card would completely disappear from the Collection interface, even when “Show unowned” was selected. Fixed.

  • Claiming a free card in the shop was missing a sound. Fixed.

  • In the Collection interface, after creating a gold version of an Elite card, it was not possible to create a non-gold version. Fixed.

  • Fixed missing reward animation when claiming Winter War pack with a redeem code.

  • Fixed issues with occasionally overlapping elements in the National Progression line.

  • Fixed incorrectly placed tooltips in the Deck Builder interface.

  • When all friends were removed from the friends list, an indication that 1/1 friends was online remained. Fixed.

  • In certain scenarios, on PC, when claiming a free card from the shop, the text on the card would shift slightly. Fixed.

  • In some cases, a black screen was displayed after clicking the shop button twice. Fixed.

That’s all for now. We thank all of our players and the KARDS Community in general for reporting bugs and discussing the game balance. If you want to get involved, join us on Discord!