October Update - Patch Notes

6 months ago

Hello everyone!

Following the announcement of card balance changes last week, as well as the announcement of new and updated features coming soon, we have deployed these updates on October 6th. Check out the dev blog for details on the card balance changes here: Card Updates: Harmony, and check out our announcement about the October update here: October Update: The Return of Theaters of War Campaigns.

This October patch is packed full of new and exciting content:

  • Balance updates to 3 cards

  • Return of Theaters of War PvE campaigns

  • Medkit update: longer durations and 3 variations

  • Gold card conversion: convert owned cards to gold cards with the gold currency

  • A bunch of bug fixes and general improvements

Our last patch in August came with a lot of challenges and unfortunately that release led to various issues which a number of players experienced, for which we sincerely apologize to all affected players. The August release highlighted flaws in our release pipeline which we have worked to rectify, through reinforcing our processes and ensuring that significantly more time is allocated for testing before release. Since the August patch, we've worked hard to improve the issues some players experienced and, as part of the improvements we're making in this patch, have implemented some memory optimization which may help improve the experience of some users affected by performance issues.

Read on to learn more about all the exciting things arriving with this patch!

Card Balance Changes

A total of 3 cards have been updated in this patch.


Old: Choose a card with cost 4 or more in your hand. Reduce its cost by 2.

New: Choose a card with cost 5 or more in your hand. Reduce its cost by 2.


Old: Distribute damage to enemy cards equal to the number of cards on the battlefield.

New: Distribute damage to enemy targets equal to the number of units on the battlefield.


New: Added Blitz ability.

Theaters of War Campaigns

The Theaters of War single player PvE campaigns are back!

Dive into the heart of iconic WW2 battles with five unique campaigns:

  • Tunisian Campaign: Relive the intense battles of North Africa as you strategize your way through the arid deserts and rugged terrain.

  • El Alamein Campaign: Rewrite history in the pivotal Battle of El Alamein, where every move could change the course of the war.

  • Battle of Moscow Campaign: Take command in the freezing depths of the Eastern Front as you lead your troops through the harsh Russian winter.

  • Fall of the Philippines Campaign: Experience the dramatic showdown in the Pacific Theater, where island-hopping tactics are the key to victory.

  • Guadalcanal Campaign: Engage in fierce naval and land battles in the jungles of Guadalcanal, a pivotal moment in the Pacific War.

Complete each campaign to earn the unique Theaters of War card backs and earn special Theaters of War emotes for completing each campaign with a perfect score.

Theaters of War campaigns can be accessed from the Play menu, under Campaigns. Unlock access to all five campaigns for 148 diamonds.

For players that owned any Theaters of War campaign prior to their temporary removal, you will now have access to all of the campaigns.

Medkit Update

The medkit system has been updated!

Medkits are now available in three different variations. The current 2-hour medkit has been changed to a 24-hour medkit. We’ve also introduced two more medkit variants at different lengths and different price points, providing great value for players aiming to maximize their XP gain.

The new medkits have the following durations and prices:

  • 1-day (24 hour) medkit: 20 diamonds

  • 3-day (72 hour) medkit: 40 diamonds (3 days for the price of 2)

  • 7-day (168 hour) medkit: 80 diamonds (7 days for the price of 4)

Every existing 2-hour medkit has now been automatically converted into a 24-hour medkit. Enjoy the extended XP boost!

Gold Card Conversion

You can now create your own gold cards by converting cards you own with the gold currency!

This is the first time that you will be able to choose which specific cards you would like to convert to gold cards. Having only been able to collect non-specific gold cards up until this point through limited avenues, such as the end of season rewards or card pack drops, the ability to convert specific cards into gold cards carries an exclusive price point for those that would like to show off their favorite cards in their gold versions. Note that a gold card functions in exactly the same way as a non-gold card, making this a purely cosmetic conversion. The price of converting a single card varies based on rarity and is as follows:

  • Standard: 100 gold

  • Limited: 200 gold

  • Special: 400 gold

  • Elite: 800 gold

Note that you will need to own a copy of the card to change it into gold - so you’ll need to have either received it for example in a card pack or create the card with a wildcard before you can convert it to gold. Changing a card into a gold card will automatically update any decks containing that card to now contain the gold card. If you have multiple copies of that card and convert only 1 to the gold version, then your decks containing at least 1 copy of that card will contain the gold version of that card.

To convert a card into a gold card, do the following:

  • From the main screen of the game, select the Cards menu.

  • Navigate to your Collection from the top bar.

  • Right-click or tap a card.

  • Select the gold card button, on the right side of the create button, to convert an owned card into a gold version of that card.

  • On the following popup, confirm the price and press Confirm to convert the card.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed issue where, in matches against the AI, the 3-inch M5 would retain its attack bonus after friendly units in the frontline were destroyed.

  • The MATSUMOTO REGIMENT did not correctly deal 1 damage to the enemy HQ when a destruction effect triggered in AI matches. Fixed.

  • When 1 cost units were located on the battlefield and the AI played MONASTYR, the replacement units were broken cards. Fixed.

  • Several additional small AI bug fixes.


  • Fixed incorrect order of events when BLOODY SICKLE was played. BLOODY SICKLE now correctly deals 1 damage to a unit and your HQ, then a card is drawn from the deck.

  • If a unit was taken control of with an order such as CONFUSION, when the unit returned to the original owner’s control, the operation cost would be displayed as yellow. Fixed.

  • When the BRYANSK IRREGULARS unit was destroyed and the 114th INFANTRY REGIMENT was located on the battlefield, the destruction effect of the BRYANSK IRREGULARS was only triggered once. Fixed.

  • Fixed broken interaction between BATTERY and KING’S OWN SCOTTISH causing excess damage to not be correctly dealt to HQ.

  • The deployment cost of a unit was not correctly decreased by 2 after returning BERIEV BE-4 to hand and redeploying it. Fixed.

  • The cost of using orders in hand was incorrectly increased after BLACK WATCH was deployed by the opponent if BERIEV BE-4 was located on the battlefield. Fixed.

  • The FIAT C.R.32’s ability was not correctly triggered after a unit with the “Damage dealt by this unit adds equal defense to your HQ” ability was destroyed. Fixed.

  • When a card was moved back to deck and was then removed from the deck, a visual error caused the card to remain stuck on the deck. Fixed.

  • Fixed issue where STUKA 87G’s ability was triggered after a unit on the opposing side performed an attack resulting in that unit’s destruction.

  • Fixed broken interaction between PZL P.11 and Exile unit stolen by MINORITY RECRUITS and retreated to hand with PARTISANS resulting in the deployment cost of the Exile unit not correctly decreasing when PZL P.11 is located on the battlefield. 

  • The deployment cost of A-20B was not correctly decreased by 1 after taking control of an opponent’s US unit. Fixed.

  • When EMPIRE OF THE SUN was used to destroy an enemy AICHI D3A-2 and an AICHI D3A-1 was located on the battlefield, an incorrect number of cards was drawn from the EMPIRE OF THE SUN. Fixed.

  • The HURRICANE Mk II-C TROP unit was shown with incorrect defense after becoming Veteran due to damage dealt by KATYUSHA, when KATYUSHA dealt additional damage. Fixed.


  • Scrolling in a particular area near the scrollbar in the Collection menu was not working as intended. Fixed.

  • Scrolling in the “Collection Overview” in the Collection menu could scroll the card library underneath. Fixed.

  • Un-pressed buttons on the top bar were highlighted as gray after clicking the “Clear Filters” button in the Collection menu. Fixed.

Deck Builder

  • The clipboard deck import pop-up did not appear when creating a new deck from the Play menu. Fixed.

  • It was not possible to add an elite card to a deck copied from Draft mode when the deck had only one nation. Fixed.

  • When a deck copied from Draft mode had only one nation, two of the same national icons were displayed on the deck. Fixed.

  • When a deck was created with a deck code from Draft mode, the “Too many ally cards” message was displayed on the deck. Fixed.


  • A draft deck was scrollable from the middle of the game screen, rather than just on the deck panel. Fixed.


  • After waiting for a match for 3 minutes, the game would sometimes stop searching for a match but continue to display the searching radar. Fixed.


  • Scrolling in the Board Items tab of the Customization menu did not work correctly. Fixed.

  • Sometimes, messages from the HQ in campaigns went out of the game screen. Fixed.

  • The crate popup in the Open Packs interface went out of the game screen on some devices. Fixed.

  • On iOS devices, in the Cards menu, it was possible to scroll down much farther than the decks listed. Fixed.

  • On Android devices, new players could get stuck by entering the game without selecting a player name. Fixed.

  • In some cases, new players’ 8-day rewards would not be correctly claimable. Fixed.

  • Target arrow for the 2nd PARA C displayed incorrectly on deployment. Fixed.


  • The timer sound was played on the main menu screen after an enemy disconnected and the enemy HQ was automatically destroyed. Fixed.


  • The medkit image was deformed in some languages. Fixed.

  • The medkit image was displayed outside of its intended border in some languages. Fixed.

  • In some languages, the end of battle screen “Level Up!” text had extra partial text displayed below it. Fixed.

  • When sending a message to a friend, the character counter would continue to show the number of characters in the last sent message after it was sent. Fixed.

  • When adding a friend, clicking the “Add Friend” button multiple times would open multiple “Add Friend” popups. Fixed.

  • When pressing the Restart button in the Settings menu during a battle, the Restart popup would only display after the Settings menu was closed. Fixed.

  • Fixed visual issue with opening packs in 32:9 ultrawide aspect ratio.

  • Skirmish modes where a random deck is assigned to players would sometimes have the wrong board item displayed for the deck assigned. Fixed.

  • Quickly hovering over different game modes in the Play menu would sometimes result in the popups with descriptions of game modes incorrectly closing and overlapping. Fixed.

  • The “Battle Mode Unlocked” text was missing from the final screen of a completed German starter campaign. Fixed.

General Improvements

In this patch we have also released a number of general game improvements.

Most notably, we have implemented some memory optimization which may improve performance for some users.

We’ve also overhauled the text in German and USA starter campaigns on mobile devices. The messaging in these starter campaigns is now more mobile friendly.

Additionally, we’ve added the option to “Invite Friend” in the Friends menu. On PC, this will copy a signup link to your clipboard which you can send to your friends to encourage them to join you in KARDS! On mobile devices, this allows you to send this link directly to your friends through social apps you have on your device.

That’s all for now. We thank all of our players and the KARDS Community in general for reporting bugs and discussing the game balance. If you want to get involved, join us on Discord!