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Short for "aggressive", aggro decks focus on playing fast and hard, with the aim to develop an advantage before your opponent. Aggro decks will often use units with a low Kredit cost to overwhelm the opponent before they can securely establish themselves on the board.
Alpine is an ability found on some units, mainly Italian ones. Alpine units benefit in having other Alpine units on the battlefield, so an Alpine deck wants as many Alpine units as possible. Alpine decks are slow aggro decks, but can overwhelm the enemy over time if their units are not removed quickly.
Unit is immune to first attack every turn
Bolster decks use the card Bolster the Ranks to create big threats with 0 operation cost. Often used with units that cannot be targeted by enemy orders, like the M4A1 or the Panther G to make it more difficult for the opponent to deal with your threat.
Brit Air
Brit air is a type of aggro deck that can apply pressure early, but also has a lot of staying power and is effective against a wide variety of decks. Key cards for the deck are cheap air units like Swordfish, Gladiator and Hurricane Mk IIa.
A card that is generally considered overpowered, often sparking enthusiastic discourse in the KARDS community.
Control Card
A card designed to help a player control cards in the game, such as forcing the opponent to discard cards before they can use them.
Control Deck
Control decks attempt to gain an advantage through the use of control cards to hinder the opponent's victory, aiming to earn victory through board control.
Commonwealth. A powerful Order card capable of dealing 20 damage to target HQ if your HQ has 30 or more defense, as well as allowing its player to draw 4 cards.
Dead Card
A card in hand that is irrelevant or unplayable.
A game mode where players get random picks of cards to create a draft deck. They pit their drafts decks against other players' draft decks and get rewarded based on how many wins they get. The draft is over when the player has either won 7 times or lost 3 times, whichever comes first.
Elite Card
The most rare card type. You can only have one copy of an Elite card in your deck.
Damage to face means a player is dealing damage to their enemy's HQ, potentially ignoring any units on the board.
Fatigue Damage
Fatigue damage happens when a player has run out of cards in their deck. When a side draws a card and the deck is empty, the HQ takes damage
Kredit Curve
The Kredit cost distribution of cards in a deck. A low curve means a deck mostly contains low cost cards, a high curve has more expensive cards.
Ranked play. Climbing the ladder refers to players playing ranked games, accruing more points, and working their way up the ranks.
Limited Card
You can have 3 copies of a Limited card in your deck.
The current popular decks in ranked play in KARDS.
Mirror Matchup
A matchup between identical or very similar decks.
The phase in the beginning of a KARDS game where each player selects their starting hand.
One turn kill
A pinned unit can't move or attack
Ramp decks focus on building up steam by gaining Kredits faster than your opponent. Cards like War Bonds and The War Machine give you extra Kredit slots, allowing you to play more expensive cards faster, or potentially pushing yourself over the natural 12 Kredit maximum.
Cards and effects that destroy or otherwise neutralize enemy units.
Resistance decks are a type of control decks that have France as an ally nation and uses French cards that create resistance cards in the enemy hand, cluttering it and denying the enemy resources.
Using the turn timer to its maximum in every turn beyond the need to complete all actions. Players who repeatedly engage in roping may be reprimanded in accordance with the KARDS Roping Policy.
Self Damage
Cards that deal damage to your own units and/or HQ, usually with the upside of being very effective for their cost. Some cards benefit from friendly damage and the self
Special Card
You can have 2 copies of a Special card in your deck.
Standard Card
The most common card type. You can have 4 copies of a Standard card in your deck.